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We truly value membership, and see it as a commitment to join with a local group of believers to pursue the same mission, to love and care for one another, and to be the body of Christ on display to our community. Our leaders are committed to care for our members, and our members are committed to using their time, treasure, and talent for His glory.

Membership Step 1

Step 1

Attend a worship service in person

Get to know who we are, worship alongside of us, and open up God’s Word with us.

In-Person: 10:15am

or Online: 10:15am

800 W. Woodard
Denison, TX 75020


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Membership Step 2

Step 2

Speak with an Elder or Staff

Have an informal conversation with one of our staff or elders. Take a look at our essential beliefs and make sure we have the same views on what the gospel is, who Christ is, etc.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have, including what is expected of members. Get to know us a little and allow us to know you, as a church should be a spiritual family.

Membership Step 3

Step 3

Formally Ask to Join

Have a formal conversation with the pastor or one of the elders. Just let one of them know at the end of service that you’d like to join and we can schedule a time that will work for you.

We want to hear your testimony, affirm your profession of faith in Christ, and make sure you understand the good news of Christ. We also want to talk through what it means to be a member, so that you understand what our responsibilities are to one another as a family of believers.


Need Help?

If you're not yet a Christian or want information on getting baptized, reach out to us and we'd be happy to help.

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